September 14, 2012

A pharmacy quickie before vacation

Two funnies from this past week...

Probably one of my most favorite phone conversations thus far:
Lady:  I’m confused about my son’s Singulair
Me:  Sure, what’s the question?
Lady:  Well, he got a different kind this time... M-O-N-K-T something
Me:  Yes, Montelukast is the new generic for Singulair
Lady:  Well, these directions say to chew and swallow
Me:  What strength did he get?
Lady:  It says “5 milligram chew tab”
Me:  So, he got the chewable?  And the directions say to chew and swallow?
Lady:  Yes
Me:  I’m sorry, but what’s the confusion?
Lady:  He’s supposed to chew and swallow it?
Me:  (as opposed to what?)  Yes, chew and then swallow.  Is this not how he did it in the past?
Lady:  No, before he just chewed it
Me:  (I can’t make this stuff up)  He didn’t swallow it after he chewed it?
Lady:  Not the whole tablet
Me:  So just to make sure we are on the same page and he takes this the right way, he’s supposed to chew up the tablet and then all the little chewed particles in his mouth are to be swallowed, though some will dissolve in his mouth.
Lady:  Ok, that’s how we’ll do it from now on
Me:  (Still not sure how the kid’s been taking this medicine)  Please call back if you have anymore questions.

One of my pharmacist co-workers said it best, “People like that are the reason why we have to put ‘UNWRAP and insert one suppository’ on the label.  You would think they know to take it out of the aluminum foil, but you wouldn’t believe the amount of people who shove the whole thing in, wrapper and all.”

Seriously?  You want me to put a puzzle together in order to fill your prescription?

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