October 17, 2014

Pharmacist (noun) [fahr-muh-sist]

“How long is this going to take?”  I cringe every time I hear that question.  Not that the question per se bothers me, but I always have to brace myself because I’m never sure of the response I will get.  It doesn’t matter if I say 20 minutes or 2 hours, I will always receive one of two reactions.  Most people give a reasonable, “Sounds good.  I’m going to run some errands and I’ll be back later this afternoon.”  However, this is not always the case.  Sometimes the response can be a cheerful and pleasant, “ARE YOU SERIOUS?  THIS IS RIDICULOUS.  I’LL BE BACK IN TEN MINUTES AND IT BETTER BE READY”

Of course, there are exceptions for emergencies, hospice patients, sick children, and Viagra.  These patients need their meds ASAP and I do everything I can to get them in and out as quickly and safely as possible.

Here are some situations to consider why it takes so long to fill your prescription:

**pharmacist (noun):  a person who is professionally qualified to decipher doctors’ handwriting; a professional who must contact prescribers numerous times per day to get prescription clarification due to illegible handwriting

**pharmacist (noun):  a person who is professionally qualified to lose their mind as they sit on hold with the help desk waiting for directions on how to fix the jammed printer

**pharmacist (noun):  a person who is professionally qualified to administer vaccinations; this qualified professional may pass out after administering the vaccination if the patient develops a large, green, baseball sized knot at the injection site (note:  having a passed-out pharmacist will increase the time it takes to fill your prescription)  (additional note:  passing out at work is not fun; true story)

**pharmacist (noun):  a person who is professionally qualified to sniff out the BS that patients throw in order to get their controlled substances refilled early

**pharmacist (noun):  a person who is professionally qualified to spend at least 10% of their day answering non-pharmacy related questions  (i.e. what is the phone number to the dentist across the street from you?  when does the home depot next to you open?)

**pharmacist (noun):  a person who is professionally qualified to save lives daily by double checking dosages, directions, and indications

Next time you are concerned about your prescriptions taking too long to fill... ask yourself... do you want it fast or right?  

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